Hello survivalists!

Besides killing the undead we can now do a bit more to rebuild society! Thanks to Noa getting me an old recipelist I was able to make most blocks and items ingame buildable!
This means that pretty much all blocks you see in the prefab buildings are available in the crafting menu, as well as doors, tables, stairs, tiles, ceilinglights and even toilets (after some last minute bugfixing).

So if you like to build and (like most players) were not too happy with the default possibilities you can now get a lot more variation in!

The feature rich Annihilation update includes: Unity 5 with new standard shader reflection probes, , new ambient occlusion, new fog, new speed tree system, new sky system, new steam networking, new quality range system for guns, weapons, tools and armor, new gore block system, new player leveling system with crafting quality bonuses, random gen improvements with caves, roads on hills, new rivers, new bridges, and a new RG mixer xml, new high res zombies including feral, spider burnt, new blunderbuss muzzle loader and primitive bow, new high res first person hands and animations, many new locations including a huge hospital, 2 new grocery stores, a new larger bookstore, new larger hardware store, 2 new luxury cabins and an Indian burial ground.

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Let’s talk some basics. We have some new players and it can never hurt to read over some basics even when you’re not new to it. Wellness is a new game mechanic and it can be very annoying (though rewarding) to keep it up.
Wellness is tied to your health and stamina. The higher your wellness, the higher your health. Max number is 200 so at 200 wellness, your health is also 200 HP. Continue Reading